Our Deluxe Pontoon Top Package

We claim that our Deluxe Package Pontoon Tops are OEM quality.  That means that they are of a style and quality similar to those used by the major new pontoon boat manufacturers.  There are several things that new boat builders insist on in a pontoon Bimini top.  1¼” aluminum frame (boat builders haven’t used 1” frames in years).  All aluminum hardware, aluminum support struts in the stern, and beginning in about 2010, adjustable aluminum supports in the front, replacing the front web straps used previously.  Modern pontoon boats have large horsepower engines and pontoon tops must be stronger. The pontoon top fabric must zip on and off    rather than be pulled through sleeves.  Marine dealers install the fabric on the pontoon top and it has to go on and fit perfectly in minutes.  The pontoon top must have a storage boot with a pre-cut, reinforced hole for a stern light.  The fabric must last a minimum of five years because many new pontoon boats have extended warranties.  If you buy a new 2017 pontoon boat, that’s the top you’ll receive and that’s the style and quality we sell. 

Compare our fit against the leading new pontoon boat brands.   Then compare the fit of competitive brands on the internet.  The fit you see in internet images is the “best” that they can get.  If it looks wrinkled on the internet, it won’t look any better on your pontoon.

One of the things that tops on new pontoon boats have in common, besides the construction, is the way they fit.  There is no sagging in the center of the bows.  There is no puckering around the corners.  The tops fit snugly over the frames and can withstand the speeds that modern bigger horsepower engines produce.  That’s how our Deluxe Package pontoon tops are

The point of showing and comparing the pontoon tops of these different brands is to illustrate the fact that our deluxe pontoon tops are on par with the pontoon tops of the leading brands of new boats.  If you have a nice older pontoon and you want a top that is as good as the original, our Deluxe Package is for you.  If you have an old pontoon boat that you’ve spent thousands of dollars to make look new, you’ll want it to look as good as a new boat with our Deluxe Package pontoon top.  We also know that you want a good quality pontoon top but you don’t necessarily want to spend $800+ for it.  We believe that our Deluxe Package 8’ and 10’ pontoon tops are the best value on the market.  All of the construction and fit features of an OEM pontoon top at about half the price.