Unique Features of Our Pontoon Bimini Tops OLD

Snap and Mount pontoon boat frame top zipper
Snap together frame.
 No drilling, no insert sleeves, no screws to install.
Zippers on every pontoon top we sell.
No dragging the frame through a sleeve, no tension straps.
Zip-on Zip-off. Take the top off for winter storage, keeps it new.
toolless heavy duty hardware
We don’t like nuts and bolts. If you want to drop your pontoon top for a bridge or put it into the storage position you won’t need tools.
Economy frames have thumb screws and Deluxe Packages have quick release pins and snap buttons.
Heavy Duty Hardware Deluxe Package pontoon tops have 1/8” thick rail mounts and jaw slides. Others may have aluminum fittings but there is a big difference.
pontoon top frame construction pontoon frame construction
Everything is assembled on our Snap & Mount ™ frame. Put the frame together in minutes.
Snap in the center bows and the frame is ready to mount.
  snap button snap buttons
Snap buttons allow our frame centers to simply
snap into the left and right leg assemblies.
No holes to drill, no screws to insert.
pontoon top frame mount  
  Snap button outside
of a frame tube
Snap buttons are what make our Snap & Mount™ frames so easy to assemble.
We use snap buttons to replace nuts and bolts on our Deluxe 8’ & 10’ packages.
You don’t need wrenches or screw drivers to lower our pontoon tops.
Snap button on a
frame mount